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Technical Support
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If you need assistance using AABD, contact technical support:


Information for designated support staff only:

You can contact us by:

  • email at
    email at (outside North America)
  • telephone toll-free on 800 889 3358 (US only)
    telephone toll-free on 0800 220710 (UK only)
    telephone: (+44) 1223 215512 (elsewhere)
  • fax on (734) 662 4554
    fax on (+44) 1223 215514 (outside North America)

When reporting a problem please state your domain name or IP address and that of your web proxy server if used.

AABD is optimized to operate with Netscape Navigator Version 2.0 or higher, or Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher and must be used with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Use of one of these browsers is strongly recommended. The AABD Software Requirements page offers the facility of downloading Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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