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The African American Biographical Database allows you to retrieve several levels of information through searches of 9 combinable fields or through searches of the full text of biographies.

Through a search of the indexed fields in the database, you will be led to a biographical profile, essentially a listing of the factual information about the subject of the biography: name, gender, spousal name, dates of birth and death, place of birth, occupations, religion, biographical sources, and indication of availability of illustrations or photographs in the biographies. From here you can link to biographical sketches, full-text narratives from the various biographical sources in the database and to photographs or images available within the narratives.

You can also use the full text option to search the narratives directly. Keep in mind that when searching full text you will be led to any occurrence of a word or name within the text itself, not just the names of individuals who are subjects of full sketches.

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