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The African American Biographical Database (AABD) is a ground-breaking online collection of African American history, which brings together in one resource the biographies of thousands of African Americans, many not to be found in any other online reference source. These biographical sketches have been carefully assembled from biographical dictionaries, yearbooks, directories, histories, personal accounts, and other published sources.  The full text of almost 300 rare books is displayed and searchable in page images, intact with images and illustrations.

This extraordinary collection contains extended narratives of African American activists, business people, former slaves, performing artists, educators, lawyers, physicians, writers, church leaders, homemakers, church and missionary leaders, government workers, athletes, farmers, scientists, factory workers, and more--both the famous and the everyday person – living and working in the United States from 1790 to 1950.

Written and edited in most cases by blacks, the collection offers extraordinary insight into black America from the records of thousands of previously unknown black women to the social history of local black leaders. The content reproduces, in digital format, the acclaimed Black Biographical Dictionaries 1790-1950 created by Randall K. Burkett, Nancy Hall Burkett, and Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

AABD is available on an annual subscription and by permanent purchase.

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