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Search Tips

You can search AABD using either the Profile Search or the Full Text Search.

Use Profile Search to find basic biographical information about an individual and to be directed to the full-text biographical sketches for the subject of your search. All subjects of full-text biographical sketches appear in Profiles. Each field in a Profile is indexed to help you locate the subject of biographies in AABD.

The Full Text Search searches the full text of AABD, but does not search any information in the Profiles. If you are searching for a biography of an individual, it is advisable to use the Profile Search first, and then if you cannot find the person you are looking for, to proceed to a Full Text Search. You can use the Full Text Search option to find mentions of the person in biographies and textual paragraphs other than the subject's own biography. The Full Text Search option can also be used to find points in the text where specific subjects or topics are mentioned.

Below are some instances of when to use each Search. For most effective searching, remember to implement Boolean Searching, Proximity Searching, and Truncation Searching when appropriate.

Use a Profile Search when you:

Use a Full Text Search when you:

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