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You can search AABD using either the Profile Search or the Full Text Search.

From the AABD Home Page, the Search icon will take you to the Search Options page, allowing you to select either a Profile or Full Text search.

Within AABD you can move between searches by clicking the relevant Search icon on the Toolbar. For example, if the Profile Search is the currently active search, you can move to the Full Text Search page by clicking the Full Text Search icon.

If you have already executed a search, you can return to the current Search page by clicking the Refine Search icon on the Toolbar. Your original search terms will be preserved in the Search form.

From either Profile Search or Full Text Search you can use the Toolbar to open a page of Search Tips, consult general information about the AABD database, clear the current Search form or return to the AABD Home Page.

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