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Summary of Matches (Full Text Search)

How do I get there?

After executing a Full Text Search, you will arrive at the Summary of Matches (Full Text Search). You can also return to the Summary of Matches from any Context of Matches page.

Where can I go from there?

From the Summary of Matches page, you can use the Toolbar to refine your original search, open a context-sensitive Help page, move to Profile Search or consult general information about AABD.

What can I do there?

The Summary of Matches (Full Text Search) indicates the number of hits found in the full text of AABD's biographical sources (i.e. the number of times the search term or expression occurs in the full text). Each book containing one or more hits is listed along with the number of hits found specifically in that title.

You'll also notice the Add Book Title to E-mail list icon to the left of each Book Title. Clicking on the icon will add the book title to a list which you can e-mail to yourself or others and will also bring up a pop-up box to let you know that the title has been added to the list:

Record Added Successfully
Click OK to dismiss the popup box and continue selecting titles. Once you have selected all of the titles you wish to email, click on the gray Selected E-mail Records button to review the list.

Each book title is linked to a more specific Summary of Matches for that book. This second-level Summary of Matches lists each page within the book containing one or more hits. Beside each page number, you will find the file size for that page and the number of hits found on the page.

Each page number is linked to the Context of Matches for that page. From the Context of Matches, you can view the Full Text.

If you have customized your search results to display the entries retrieved in the form of subsets, you can move back and forth between subsets using the Next and Previous buttons. Using the boxes provided next to these buttons, you can also modify the number of records you wish to display in the next or previous subset and, in addition, the Summary of Matches entry number at which you would like the next or previous subset to start.

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