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Navigating the Full Text | Using Adobe Acrobat Reader

Full Text

How do I get there?

You can access the Full Text in the following ways:

Where can I go from there?

From the Profile page, you can use the upper toolbar to go back to the page from which you accessed the full text, open a context-sensitive Help page, and visit the AABD home page. For toolbar options within the full text, see Navigating the Full Text.

What can I do there?

The Full Text displays the biographical sources in AABD page by page. The text appears under the toolbar in Adobe Acrobat Reader. You must download Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view the full text.

Text in AABD displays in two forms: E-Text or Page Image. The Page Image displays a facsimile of the book's actual page. E-Text is a clean, electronic version of the Page Image. If an E-Text page is not available, the Page Image will automatically display. Otherwise, the E-text will appear first.

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